Elephant Plasterboard NZ Ltd

Celebrating over 30 years of Innovation, Integrity and Expertise in the plasterboard industry

The marketing and distribution of Elephant Plasterboard commenced in July 1988.The original company, Rikki Merchants Ltd was owned and operated by Kevin and Michael van Hest. This company sold direct to the Trade and through a handful of building supply outlets.In 1991 Sigma Agencies Ltd was formed as a wholesaler for on selling to building supply outlets.In late 1992 the company has been wholly owned by Kevin van Hest.

In 1996 Sigma’s name was changed to Elephant Plasterboard (NZ) Ltd.

In 2002 the retail arm (Rikki) was closed down so that we could support the general building supply outlets. There was very strong growth and support from other merchants once we left the retail arena.

We continue to distribute the Elephant Plasterboard brand through general building supply outlets and market the brand to the Specifiers, Developers, Housing companies and end users.

As Elephant Plasterboard (NZ) Limited, we offer innovative Bracing, Fire, Noise Control and Wet Area system solutions using our compact range of plasterboard types

Our products are available through all major building supply outlets throughout New Zealand. Talk to us to put you in touch with your local building supply outlet.