Elephant Plasterboard

Elephant Fire Rated Systems

Elephant Plasterboard has developed a broad range of fire rated wall and ceiling systems to support builders, specifiers & architects to meet the NZBC requirements.​
Elephant Plasterboard Fire Rated Systems Manual provides details for construction of One and Two way Fire Rated walls and floor/ceiling systems to provide fire protection as required by the NZBC clause C1 to C6 “Protection From Fire”.

Elephant & fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems

New & Improved Version

Combining the fire resistant attributes of both plasterboard and fibre cement, the Elephant Plasterboard & Fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems Manual provides two way fire system solutions for external walls and other assemblies for residential & commercial construction.

Elephant Fire Rated Systems Manual                               PDF

Elephant & Fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems Manual     PDF

Elephant Installation Guide                                              PDF


Elephant Plasterboard & Fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems Manual July 2019        PDF

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