Elephant Plasterboard

Celebrating Over 30 Years Of Innovation, Integrity & Expertise

The Right Choice of Plasterboard

We are a New Zealand company established in July 1988, that take pride in  providing quality plasterboard & design solutions for the New Zealand building industry

Elephant Plasterboard

Elephant Plasterboard (NZ) Limited distributes the Elephant Plasterboard brand through building supply outlets, and markets the brand to specifiers, developers, housing companies, and end users.

With a comprehensive range of high quality plasterboard, Elephant Plasterboard offers innovative Bracing, Fire, Acoustic and Wet Area system solutions. Elephant are proudly celebrating over 30 years of innovation, integrity and expertise in the plasterboard industry.

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Elephant Plasterboard Alert level 3 Operations

August 2020

Elephant & Fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems

New & Improved version now available

Name Change

We have introduced a Name change for our plasterboard range!

10 & 13mm Multiboard is now called 10 & 13mm MultiSmart.
10 & 13mm Aquaboard is now 10 & 13mm AquaSmart.
16mm Multiboard is now 16mm FireSmart.

About the services we provide

Comprehensive range of Plasterboard solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of Brace, Fire, Acoustic and Wet area systems to suite your needs

Design Solution Services

Providing architects, engineers and other design professionals with technical support and solutions

Direct Customer Support

Providing support by online, by phone, email and face-to-face

High Quality

We develop and test high quality plasterboard designed for the New Zealand conditions


We develop new systems and products to provide you with smarter building solution

On Time Delivery

We understand the value of your time and provide you with the right product on time

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