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All Elephant Plasterboard products are sold exclusively through merchants and distributors only

 Our Stockists are some of the New Zealand’s leading and trusted Building Suppliers and Merchants. Click & complete the order form below and Contact your local merchants  to place your order now

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elephant plasterboard delivery guide

For Supply of Elephant Plasterboard to approved Building Merchants & distributors, Elephant Plasterboard Offers three supply options as below

Ex-Warehouse Collection


Freight Into Store

nation wide

Delivered to Site

auckland, hamilton & tauranga

Frequently asked questions

No. Elephant Plasterboard does not sell plasterboard directly to trade. Our products can be purchased through the  retail building material suppliers. Contact your local supplier to place an order.

A Plasterboard ready site is one that has clear and unobstructed access. The site must be checked and ensured it is free of hazards, all rubbish and scaffolding removed to allow a clear parking space for the delivery truck and a clear pathway for the plasterboard to be carried.

During the order process, the customer must confirm that the site is ‘plasterboard ready’ which means that the site has been checked and is free of hazards, thereby meeting the safety recommendations. A site check is compulsory for all Commercial Building sites, for orders over 8 tonne or sites located on a steep hill. When in doubt, Contact our Elephant Plasterboard Team and request a Site check to avoid failed delivery.