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Elephant Plasterboard has developed some unique and efficient design solutions that will simplify the build and inspection process

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Elephant Plasterboard offers some unique design solutions to the New Zealand Building Industry to satisfy the bracing requirements of the New Zealand Standard NZS 3604:2011.

Elephant QuickBrace Software

  • Select from a comprehensive list of bracing systems
  • Calculate bracing demand from QuickBrace First Principles or if required externally sourced demands can be used
  • Ensure safety and code compliance with handy tips and warnings at every step of the bracing design
  • NZS 3604:2011 compliant

And much more

For Microsoft Excel 2007 and later | Macro-Free Spreadsheet 

Additional technical literature

Regular Fixing Bracing Systems ER1 & ER2

The Elephant Regular Fixing Systems allows for regularly fixed internal and external walls to contribute to the bracing design. This significantly reduces labour time, the inspection process & the number of screw fixings needed, which results in a better overall finish.

Steel Stud Bracing System

Elephant Plasterboard have bracing systems where steel stud framing has been used & the requirements of
NZS 3604 still need to be met

Elephant QuickBrace Supplement

Issue : October 2019

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