Elephant Plasterboard NZ Ltd

Elephant QuickBrace Systems

Elephant Plasterboard offers some unique design solutions to the New Zealand Building Industry to satisfy the bracing requirements of the New Zealand Standards NZS 3604:2011 Elephant Plasterboard has developed some unique and efficient design solutions that will simplify the build and inspection process

Elephant Plasterboard Regular Fixing ER1 & ER2 elements allows normal Elephant Plasterboard lined internal and external walls to contribute to the bracing design when regularly fixed as per NZ 3604.



Elephant QuickBrace Systems Manual

Elephant QuickBrace Systems Manual offers a efficient bracing solution for simplified building process

Elephant Installation Guide

Elephant Installation Guide provides essential guidance on fixing and installation of the Elephant Plasterboard systems

Elephant Bracing Calculator

Select from a comprehensive list of bracing systems

Calculate bracing demand from QuickBrace First Principles or if required externally sourced demands can be used

Ensure safety and code compliance with handy tips and warnings at every step of the bracing design

NZS 3604:2011 compliant

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