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Elephant Plasterboard provides vast resources that can help you through to get your job done. Explore our Technical Literature, Bracing Calculator, Technical Drawings and much more

bracing calculator

For Microsoft Excel 2007 and later | Macro-Free Spreadsheet

Elephant QuickBrace Software

  • Select from a comprehensive list of bracing systems
  • Calculate bracing demand from QuickBrace First Principles or if required externally sourced demands can be used
  • Ensure safety and code compliance with handy tips and warnings at every step of the bracing design
  • NZS 3604:2011 compliant

And much more

technical literature & Drawings

Elephant installation guide

Elephant Installation Guide provides essential guidance on fixing and installation of the Elephant Plasterboard systems

Elephant Plasterboard offers some unique design solutions to the New Zealand Building Industry to satisfy the bracing requirements of the New Zealand Standard NZS 3604:2011.

Elephant Noise Control Systems

Elephant Plasterboard Noise Control systems offer specially designed systems to provide the right level of acoustic comfort for the occupants in both residential & commercial environments.

Elephant fire rated Systems

Elephant Plasterboard has developed a broad range of  One and Two way Fire Rated walls and Floor/Ceiling system combinations to support builders, specifiers & architects meet the NZBC requirements

Elephant & fibre cement fire rated Systems

Elephant Plasterboard & Fibre Cement Fire Rated Systems Manual provides details for construction of two way fire and acoustic systems of Plasterboard & Fibre cement combinations for residential or commercial construction.

elephant wet area systems

Elephant Plasterboard Wet Area Systems serve as a guide to provide information about best practise in areas which are regarded as wet area according to NZBC Clause E3 Internal moisture, in both residential & non- residential buildings.